Media Statements

March 25, 2019

Today I filed Mark S. Bonchek v. Nicolet Unified School District in federal court, coming forward as the first Nicolet alumnus to report that I was molested by David Johnson when I was his student.

I reported my abuse to the district in 2016, which prompted an investigation proving that Johnson abused over a dozen students during his Nicolet tenure from 1958-1991. I believe there are many more.

The investigation revealed another disturbing truth.  Not only was Johnson a serial predator, but the administration was complicit in covering it up. School officials were informed of Johnson’s abuse in 1983 and chose not to act, protecting their reputation instead of their students.

I commend the school district for the thoroughness and transparency of its investigation. But the district has yet to take accountability for the damage that has been done. Only with justice will come true healing.

Mark S. Bonchek
March 25, 2019